Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This just makes me happy

So it's Thanksgiving eve. I put the 16-pound bird in my traditional Ace Hardware five-gallon poultry bucket, poured over the all spice-, ginger- and black peppercorn-spiced brine, and headed to my parents' house to leave it overnight in their "walk-in" (a.k.a. their screened-in back porch, winterized with heavy duty plastic that keeps it around a perfect 40 degrees).

When I got there, Mom and Dad were kicking it old school:

Dad hasn't made pies in years. Years, I tell you. But when I was growing up, he made pies all the time. In fact, his pie and bread exploits inspired my love of baking. I have him to thank for this little obsession of mine, and it was awesome to see him in full effect. (Mom, for her part, was excelling at one of her most valuable skills: MAKING STUFFING.)

I am thankful for Dad and his pies, and Mom and her stuffing. And Husband. And Jet pup. And, perhaps most of all, little Son.

May you all enjoy this holiday with your loved ones and a big pile of delicious food. Happy Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

it's about time you give me a little credit. love you

Dianne said...

You make pie-baking look good.

Love you too!

Unknown said...

Who is that handsome man who twinkles as, with flour up to elbows, he mugs for the "CuisineCamera"? Is he not the same chef of "NorthCoast Pasta Marinera"fame, of, "Eat,damn it!" Save-A-Feline-Life fame? Ah..."His eyes, how they twinkle!", his mushrooms, how tasty! Hey, Executrixie, you're the Awesomest! (Pause to wipe drool from whiskered elderess chin)...I grow increasingly starving with every word I read! How about that RK Pasta Marinera? And Zimbabwe?(Sp?) And that Mamacita inspired "Smell-Like-a-Polish-Beerhall" Sauerkraut? You have a fine and colorful heritage "jagalonski" culinary
masterpieces---a blue-blood mainline of many mouthwatering marvelous mmmmmmmable morsels! (A little caution is in order, though, with those maternal-line yeast issues...) Love you, Nef! And greetings to Handsome Husband, Little Son, Big Dog (are these beginning to sound like Native American names??), Mother, Father, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Nephews, Feline Nephews, et al. "Marula"

Dianne said...

Marula, I have to tell you that I haven't thought about "jagalonski" in years and I laughed out loud when I read your comment. Jagalonski!

Thanks for commenting. I owe you a phone call. It's been MUCH too long!