Thursday, August 27, 2009

Snapshots from a traveler #11

Though it won't be in a Southwest plane, this afternoon Mom and I will take off over the familiar shoreline of Lake Erie and leave Cleveland bound for Sydney. I'm still not packed, but words nevertheless fail to convey how excited I am.

(This photo here is from 2007, when Husband and I traveled to Wyoming and South Dakota to celebrate our second anniversary.)

I will be absent from this space for a few weeks whilst I gallivant around the Great Southern Land. I'll try to check in every so often, maybe with a photo or a brief, thrilling paragraph about a delicious meal. Other than that, however, A Stove With A House Around It will be a lonely place until mid-September.

But the continent of Australia will be a little more crowded. Mom and I are boisterous like that.

See you soon!

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