Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snapshots from a traveler #10

A week from today, Mom and I will be on a Qantas jet bound for Sydney. I'm not going to lie to you: I am excited. Very excited.

So in honor of our upcoming trip, today I present this cool bird/Opera House photo, which I took when I was there for a friend's wedding in 2004. Gorgeous glittering harbour, I cannot wait to see you again.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, April 2004.


Loie said...

Your trip sounds great :) Make sure you bring warm things! I live in Perth, but I was just in Sydney and it was cold, especially at night!

Anonymous said...

Sydney is a fabulous city -- have a wonderful time!

From Scratch said...

Have fun! I'm so jealous.

Dianne said...

Thanks, ladies, for your well wishes! I'm thrilled to be going...and I'm bringing lots of layers to stave off the chilly evenings. :)

Thanks for reading!