Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Passover!

So we're already half-way though Passover, give or take a day. Your Seders are most likely over. But hey, you still have to eat for the next six days. To assist you in that regard, I hereby present the Passover-friendly recipes I've featured on this site over the years, in one convenient location for easy unleavened cooking:

Quinoa tabbouleh and Quinoa with caramelized onions, if you fall on the side of the debate that says quinoa is Kosher for Passover

Moroccan mashed potato casserole, the kugel for people who don't like kugel

Oregano baked chicken dinner, served without the crusty bread for sopping

And, desserts: Ashkenazic Passover apple cake, Sephardic almond macaroons and walnut and almond cake with orange-pomegranate compote.

They're not all entirely traditional, but they are entirely delicious.

Next year in Jerusalem!


Unknown said...

what were you doing up blogging at 7a.m.?

Dianne said...

I get stuff done at weird hours. What can I say.